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Grade 1 titanium, high quality plastic resin, a neodymium scroll wheel and an impressive design; our handcrafted Titanium Mouse was created for those who demand perfection at their fingertips.

Titanium Mouse

The eccentric design made of plastic resin, high quality titanium and a scroll of stone surpasses all expectations about a computer mouse. Instead of being a practical object, this mouse was designed to be an expression of identity, luxury and elegance. The outer shell of the mouse is constructed of titanium, a high-quality metal used in jewelry and the space industry. This part is formed in an entirely manual process, from initial "forming" to applying the final protective layer. The scroll wheel consists of a neodymium magnet, specially designed and manufactured for Intelligent Design.

The mouse was introduced during the Dutch Design Week 2009 at Eindhoven and was put on display at the Intelligent Design booth during the Miljonair Fair Amsterdam 2009.

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The European distributor for this product is Questcontrol